Download and Printing Help

Everything in this store is a digital download, meaning nothing will be shipped.

* denotes affiliate link, meaning if you purchase through this link, I earn a small commission.  Read full disclosure here.

Download Help

Please note that most mobile devices such as phones and iPads do not allow for downloading through a link.

Files are sent in PDF format. Most computers have a PDF reader pre-installed, but if you don't, you can download Adobe Reader here for free!

Big bundles of files are sent using ZIP files.  Basically just a compressed folder for easier sending/downloading :)

How To un-ZIP the file:

On a computer: Right-click the file and select, "Extract All" (Windows) or double-click (Mac). This will create a new file on your computer in which you can open. Need the files on a mobile device?  Add it to iCloud or Dropbox or email it to yourself if all else fails (or just re-download on said device!)

On a mobile device: before you download the ZIP file directly to your mobile device, you may need a free app to unzip the product (a good, free one is FileExplorer Free). This will allow you to unzip the folder to access it. Another solution available on some mobile devices is to long hold the zipped file icon and then click, "Extract."


Can't find your file? Check "My Downloads" under My Computer or search the title on your computer.

Note: Some web browsers will load the PDF directly into the browser. You can make a copy of this PDF and save it somewhere that makes sense on your computer by clicking File > Save.

Still having trouble?  A quick Google search should do the trick!

Still struggling after Dr. Google?  Email :)


Printing Help

All products should be able to be easily printed at home - yay!  Even if you have a lackluster printer, they're high-quality files that will still look nice and crisp.

When printing, think about what it is and what weight of paper you'll need.  For instance, greeting cards and bookmarks would be better on heavier paper, like this pack of cardstock*.  Wall art can be on pretty much any weight, since it's intended to be framed anyhow.

If in doubt, you can always take the file to your local Staples/OfficeMax/Office Depot/UPS Store and have them help you out! They'll have paper samples and a second pair of eyes that can make things a lot easier :)

Dry Erase Pages: (as seen in the meal planning kit) These are 8.5 x 11 size, so you can either frame in an appropriately-sized frame (readily available at Walmart for a couple bucks) or laminate them.  Up to you!


Need anything else?  Email :)